The BEACH is our Gym

Where is our Beach gym this week...?

We move from location to location depending on the tides, winds, weather, etc...  This gives us variety and the opportunity to have a unique workout each time we meet.

Our main meeting places are Mother’s Beach and Gooch’s Beach off of Beach Avenue in Kennebunk.

Mother’s Beach is obvious as we workout right in front of the parking there.  If you see that we are at Seaside or Gooch’s then that means we are on the east side of Gooch’s where Beach Avenue makes a sharp turn (by the Seaside Inn) We meet at the wheelchair ramp to the beach.  Look down at the jetty if you are a little late and that is where we will be.

Narragansett is the west side of Gooch’s.  The Rocky Point in front of the big condos.

Colony Beach is across from the Colony Resort in Kennebunkport.


11/4 - NEW SESSION Starts  thru Monday 11/29


Friday - 6:15AM - SEASIDE

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