What is Get Out There Fitness Bootcamp?

Established in 2006, Get Out There Fitness is southern Maine’s premier beach bootcamp. We’re a year-round fitness community with classes taking place at beaches in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport – and we welcome new members for a single class, summer sessions, or year-round membership!

Our high-paced workouts will get you working harder than you ever thought you could.  You’ll have fun too.  Using your body weight, natural elements (rocks, driftwood found on the beach) and a few fitness toys, you will get a full body workout that will literally change how you feel physically and mentally.  As you develop strength, power and cardio, you’ll be surprised how far and how fast you have become fit.  Our workouts are formatted to handle every level of fitness so it’s is up to you as to how hard you want to push.  We call it boot camp but we are not the type that just stands over you and yell orders.  We work with you, we motivate you and we help you go beyond what YOU thought were your limits in a safe environment.

Where do we work out?

Beaches in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport – learn more here! Locations rotate based on tides and winds, so we send out the locations to our registered bootcampers on a weekly basis. Location are also posted here and on our Instagram page @getouttherefitness.

When do we work out?

Classes take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings starting at 6:20am. Each class is 45 minutes.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

You can sign up for Get Out There Fitness classes in blocks (4-5 week sessions). Signing up for a block guarantees you a spot in class and gets you a discounted rate. We do welcome drop-in participants for a slightly higher rate. Make sure you sign-up here.

Our Team

Leslie Carroll-Fleming

As an endurance enthusiast Leslie has competed in various races from 5Ks to trail races, marathons and triathlons. Her background in competitive snowboarding has helped incorporate flexibility, speed and agility into all of GOTF’s workouts, as well as given her the drive and appreciation for being outdoors in ALL elements.

Leslie’s passion is fitness, and opening peoples eyes so they can begin to live and breath a healthy life and lifestyle inside and out.  She has an extensive background in all areas of fitness from yoga to sports conditioning. Nothing fits Leslie better than getting up early, going outside on the beach with a group of like-minded people to workout and start the day right. She considers the best part of her job to be watching clients begin to find confidence and become stronger, faster and most importantly – healthier.  She has been able to incorporate her fitness background of personal and group training, strength training, yoga, Pilates as well as endurance knowledge into all of the Get Out There Fitness Bootcamp workouts.

Lauren Drigotas

Lauren is an RRCA-certified run coach, Iron Man finisher and cross-country cyclist. With a background in gymnastics, she loves balancing her passion for endurance sports with weight training, yoga, and stretching – all fitness elements she brings to Get Out There Fitness boot camps.

Lauren loves helping people achieve their fitness goals and finds the outdoors (the beach in particular) the perfect place to do it. She views the intersection of nature and fitness as the perfect backdrop for a great morning routine.

When it comes to Beach Boot Camp, you’ll find her smiling through the workout – enjoying the GOTF community and the sunrise over the ocean.